Mobile Design. UI/UX Design
Project site: drillroom.ai
Platform: IOS, ANDROID
Year: 2021
Type: Software Company
Client: OrangeLoops
Defining and undestanding our Goal

The Challenge

Help billiards players improve their game, understand their performance, and track their progress, using top-notch technology.

The Solution

Develop a mobile app that uses AI to analyze your billiard game, providing stats and real-time feedback on your shots and drills.

Interaction Design

Design Process

The design process was executed in several stages, beginning with analysis and definition, followed by UI/UX design, testing, and finally, construction.

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After defining the use cases, our design team sketched out various ideas, iterated them, and finally settled on one

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After the sketches establish the direction of the application, the process continues with high-fidelity wireframes to ensure that the page content and functionality are correctly positioned before adding visual design and real content.

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Visual Design

Once we had finalized and refined the screens, we moved on to the visual design stage, where we defined the application icon and the design tokens to be used later by the development team.


For the development of the icon, several iterations were made, aiming to represent the idea of measurement, analysis, camera, and other relevant concepts. The selection process was carried out in collaboration with the stakeholders through several meetings.

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Design Tokens
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Final Result

The application starts with four categories of drills to practice, each portraying a representation of the drill so that users can understand how it works.

Each exercise contains an image, description, and the user’s statistics. The app uses augmented reality, visual, and voice instructions to improve the practice experience.

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Once user testing and surveys were completed, the team made the app compatible with iPad and iterated the design to make it more user-friendly.

DrillRoom also includes a Leaderboard where users can compare their stats against other players.

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Working with Martin on our mobile app design was a pleasure from start to finish. Having previously collaborated on our brand creation, we knew that we could trust him to deliver exceptional results.

For this project, Martin not only designed our brand elements but also created the screen layouts for the app. He was incredibly collaborative throughout the process, always open to feedback and willing to make revisions until we were completely satisfied with the end result.

Gabriel López - Co-Founder & CEO

Gabriel López

Co-Founder & CEO